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The Advantages Of Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities

If you have a lot of items but not much room to store them, you may have already considered a storage unit rental. But if you want your possessions to fare well while in storage, you may want to consider heated or climate-controlled storage. This is because humidity and temperature control can help keep certain items from being damaged when they are in storage for a long period of time. The following is an overview on the advantages of climate control, the type of items that benefit from this type of storage, and why the humidity level is very important.

The Advantages of Climate Control

Depending on the region you live in, climate can do a number on stored items in certain weather conditions. Areas that reach very high summertime temperatures can cause certain storage items to crack or discolor. Too much heat is just not good for some items. 

On the flip side, areas that see cold temperatures may also lead to damaged goods. 

The types of items that you may find issues with if you don't store them in some type of climate-controlled unit are: 

  • sporting goods
  • metal appliances, such as refrigerator, stove, washer, or dryer
  • paperwork and books
  • mattresses pillows linens and bedding

Importance of Humidity Levels

When looking at climate controlled units, you need to be sure that there is an option to control the humidity. This is because humidity can be dangerous to a number of different items. High humidity can cause photographs to stick together, cause wood furniture to warp, and can contribute to the cracking of leather. Artwork, electronics, and other items may sustain some sort of damage from being exposed to too much moisture. If you happen to own an item that may be sensitive to high humidity, you need to search for storage unit that dehumidifiers the air.

If your unable to utilize a climate controlled storage unit, like with Bulldog Self Storage, there are few things that you can do in a traditional storage unit to protect your items against humidity damage. Because your unit remains closed most days, there's not much air circulation. However, spacing out your items as much as you possibly can allow any small amount of circulating air to get to each item.

If you are storing framed pictures or paintings, make sure to add spacers in between the glass and the prints to prevent them from sticking together. Storing items in plastic bags will result in condensation and mildew, so avoid those. These small steps are only a temporary measure, as your best bet is using a climate controlled storage unit in order to permanently preserve all of your valuable possessions.