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4 Weird Eating Utensils You've Probably Never Heard Of

There are plenty of unique dishes out there that you can cook for customers, but if you really want to make your restaurant stand out, using different utensils will catch attention. There are specialty utensils created for eating foods like appetizers or ribs, and these can help make your foods easier to eat.

Trongs: Keeping Your Fingers Clean 

Trongs are essentially prongs that have been made small enough to use with your fingertips. They were designed to be used when you eat foods like ribs or messy meats. The idea of these tiny prongs is that your fingers won't have to come into contact with the food, and with their pointy grips, you could even use them to flip meats or to pick up raw foods while you're cooking.

Marrow Scoops: Getting All the Vital Nutrients

Marrow is a substance found in the roasted bones of animals. It contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and glycine, which together can help repair and create proteins in the body. Marrow also contains calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and other vital nutrients.

With a marrow scoop, the spoon-like edge is used to carve out the marrow from the bones, letting you eat it easily. 

Marrow scoops, from companies like Nella Cutlery Inc, come with two differently sized ends, so if you're eating smaller bones, you won't have to struggle with a larger scoop end. 

The Chork: Forking Food Down With Chopsticks

The chork is an exciting piece of engineering; one end has a fork, and the other end is made up of two chopsticks. If you're like many people, eating sushi and other Asian cuisine is great fun with chopsticks, but if you struggle with them, you always turn to the mighty fork for backup. 

Interestingly, a chork can be used as trainer chopsticks, since the chork is attached at one end. This could make learning to use chopsticks easier for customers at your restaurant!

Edible Utensils: No Clean Up Needed

Another weird utensil that is being produced today is the edible spoon. The edible spoon is exactly what it says it is; it's made of cornmeal and can be broken down into bits when it's no longer in use. Then, those bits can be eaten. 

The edible utensil comes in a few flavors, so it's a quirky utensil that could add flavor to meals, too. On top of that, an edible spoon is an ecofriendly option for businesses looking to go green. 

These are just four of the interesting utensils available today. Try one out; your customers will love the quirky addition of these pieces.