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Remove Scratches From Your Glass Table

If you have a glass dining room table, and it has become scratched from excessive use, you may find that you are covering it up all the time. When guests arrive for a fancy dinner or when you decide to hold a family gathering, you may want to uncover the table. Remove the scratches that are present by following a few tips. As a result, your table will look great, and you will be confident about the way your place settings appear during special meals.

Cerium Oxide And A Buffer

Cerium oxide is one of the main components that is found in jewelry cleaner. Pour a small amount of this product on a polishing pad and attach it to a hand buffing machine. Cerium oxide has been known to assist with diminishing the appearance of scratches. Small scratches can be eliminated completely.

Turn on the buffing machine and guide it over the scratched area, being sure to use consistent, yet gentle pressure. Check after a few minutes to see if the scratches are gone. If not, use the buffer for a few more minutes until you can no longer see them. Clean the table with glass cleaner and dry it with a clean cloth.

Windshield Water Repellent 

Windshield water repellent can work wonders on a scratched surface. After applying this product, dirt and moisture will not get trapped on the table's surface either. To treat the damaged area, pour a few drops of the repellent onto a clean cloth. Rub the cloth directly on the scratches. Use circular motions and a consistent amount of force. Add more of the product if the surface dries and the scratches are still visible. 

Automobile Wax

Automobile wax will fill in minor scratches that are on glass surfaces. Use a small amount of this product and apply it with a sponge or cloth. Too much wax will leave a streaked and greasy surface. Rub the product firmly into the table's surface. Once the wax is no longer visible, add a little bit more to the cloth if the scratches are still visible. After a couple sessions, the scratches should be eliminated.

Removing scratches requires patience and a little bit of perseverance. Once the scratches have been eliminated, you can say goodbye to the cloths that have been covering your table's shiny surface. Dress it up during all the meals that you plan and your guests will be impressed with the beautiful surroundings and excellent food that you have prepared for them. 

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Economy Glass Ltd. or a similar company.