The Advantages Of Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities

If you have a lot of items but not much room to store them, you may have already considered a storage unit rental. But if you want your possessions to fare well while in storage, you may want to consider heated or climate-controlled storage. This is because humidity and temperature control can help keep certain items from being damaged when they are in storage for a long period of time. The following is an overview on the advantages of climate control, the type of items that benefit from this type of storage, and why the humidity level is very important. [Read More]

Biggest Office-Moving Mistakes To Avoid

If you're planning an upcoming move for your office, then you should expect that your everyday business will experience at least some level of interruption as you go through the process of getting your business and staff settled in at the new location. However, as a business owner, it's also your job to minimize this interruption as much as possible. Read on to learn about some big office-moving mistakes you'll want to avoid to ensure that the move goes smoothly and without incident. [Read More]